Former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan accused of escalating power struggle | Currently

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Khan accused of escalating power struggle |  Currently

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was accused on Sunday of violating the Anti-Terrorism Act. that reports New York times. The indictment is another escalation in the power struggle between the former prime minister and the current government.

The day before, Khan had addressed hundreds of his supporters in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. The former prime minister condemned the recent arrest of one of his high-ranking aides. He also threatened to take legal action against police officers and the judge involved in the case. “We will not protect you,” Khan warned.

The police report said the former prime minister’s comments amounted to “deliberate and unlawful harassment of the country’s police and judiciary”.

A leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice, the political party to which Khan belongs, said that the former prime minister has not yet been arrested. According to Fawad Choudary, Khan is still in Islamabad.

Khan’s popularity is on the rise again

Khan was elected prime minister in 2018. In April of this year, the Pakistani parliament withdrew its confidence in him. Khan is the first prime minister in the history of Pakistan to be removed from office in this way. The 69-year-old politician was accused of poor leadership and incompetence in economic matters.

Khan’s gatherings have attracted tens of thousands of visitors in recent months. His party scored a big victory in Punjab’s most populous province in local elections in July. Earlier this month, the party also performed well in elections in Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub.

A power struggle between Khan and the current government

The former prime minister is engaged in a power struggle with the current government. Pakistan’s media watchdog recently decided to ban live broadcasting of Khan’s sermons on news channels. Khan’s supporters say they have been harassed and threatened by the authorities in recent weeks.

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Shahbaz Gill, Khan’s top aide, was arrested earlier this month after he criticized the military on a talk show. The talk show host, ARY News, was later discontinued. According to Khan, Jill is being tortured and sexually assaulted in prison. The authorities deny these allegations.

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