Former NATO commander Mart de Cruyff tries to rescue Kabul evacuees

Former NATO commander Mart de Cruyff tries to rescue Kabul evacuees

Ninety men

Mart de Crieff was stationed in the southern part of Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009. He commanded 45,000 soldiers as ISAF commander. The ex-soldier is very upset at the prospect of leaving people behind after next Tuesday’s tough deadline.

Practically from Europe, he can not do much himself, but he calls and communicates with the Ministry of Defense. “They are working hard to get people. Already 1,800 people have been brought to the Netherlands. That’s a lot under the circumstances.”

Risky mission and hectic operation

Currently, ninety men from Holland have been deployed to bring the Dutch and people who worked for the Netherlands to safety. “This special team from the Special Security Task Brigade (BSB) is very capable of escorting people during transportation and exploring routes. They can also pick up people outside the compound. But it is a risky job and a hectic process.”


“Strange” De Cruyff calls Biden’s statement, which continues to stick to the August 31 date. “I can’t imagine that the most powerful country in the world, the United States, cannot explain to the Taliban to stay a few more days. What can you do next? It gives the impression that the Americans are dazed. The Europeans are helpless and Afghanistan is powerless.”

He told Sven Kukelmann that this conclusion hurt de Cruyff. He also hopes that the United States’ “all-in-one” with its decisive withdrawal from Afghanistan will serve as a wake-up call for Europe. We can do nothing militarily without the Americans, and we must also realize that they put their plan first on the wishes of their allies.

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