Former Bolivian interim president suspected of coup | Currently

Former Bolivian interim president suspected of coup |  Currently

Janine Anez, the former interim president of Bolivia, will remain in police custody for four months. The former head of state himself said on Twitter that Ones was a suspect in a coup.

“They are holding me for four months pending trial for a coup that never happened,” Anez said after hearing the verdict in a virtual hearing.

Anez was arrested on Saturday on charges of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy. Her arrest was in the air for a while. She said earlier that she feared “political persecution” because it was issued against her and other former government members.

The right-wing Nez came to power as acting president in November 2019 following the departure of Socialist President Evo Morales, who was forced to resign after 14 years in government due to political unrest. He allegedly tampered with the election results.

Ones is alleged to have “acted unconstitutionally” after Morales’s departure

Morales went into exile in Argentina, but returned after the November 2020 elections, when his rival in his party, Luis Ars, was elected president.

Anez was accused of acting unconstitutionally after Morales’ departure, and in fact carried out a coup with her supporters. This could have happened with the mediation of the armed forces.

He also charged a former justice minister, chief of police, former commander of the armed forces, and others.

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