Forest fire evacuations in southern France, firefighters slightly injured

Forest fire evacuations in southern France, firefighters slightly injured

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In southern France, more than 600 hectares of a nature reserve have caught fire during wildfires. Minister Caillou, who is on the scene, said 13 firefighters suffered minor injuries. Residents of the affected area were evacuated.

Fires broke out in the northern part of the Civin region and parts of the departments of Gard, Ardèche and Bouches-du-Rhône. A fire also broke out in the suburbs of Arles.

Several hundred firefighters have already been deployed to fight the fire tonight and that number will increase during the day. Firefighting aircraft are also used.

French media reported that 70 people were evacuated from the village of Bordezak. In total, there will be about a hundred evacuations.

Secretary Caroline Caillou spoke to District Emergency Services:

Forest fires are the result of early and prolonged drought in southern France. It is now as dry as it used to be at the beginning of August.

The fire is also fed by strong winds that often rise in the valley of the Rhone. This wind dries up the vegetation, making it more vulnerable to fire.

Since neglected cigarette butts and barbecues can easily start a forest fire, residents are denied access to many forested areas in the mountains.

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