Foreign media are harsh on Red Bull and Max Verstappen: “This is how it would be with defending the title” F1

Foreign media are harsh on Red Bull and Max Verstappen: "This is how it would be with defending the title" F1

Charles Leclerc won the Australian Grand Prix in a dominant fashion this morning. The Frenchman and Ferrari have received all the praise in the foreign media, who are critical of Red Bull after the break from the new Max Verstappen. “You can’t be a champion without reliability.”

Goodbye, Red Bull, Australia under the feet of Charles Leclerc and a great Ferrari” injured Gazzetta dello sport There are no wipes. The Italian sports newspaper widely reflects another victory for the Italian racing stable. , dominates in qualifying, medium and hard tires in the race, reliability. A dream result, but at the same time the team must remain focused so as not to throw this treasure away. For Milton Keynes, a second engine failure is a wake-up call.”

Watch Max Verstappen’s withdrawal.

Spanish Mark It was very tough and gave the Red Bull Racing of Verstappen a zero. There were 10 for Leclerc. Impeccable and unstoppable. Pole, victory in both resumes Hurricane Verstappen boss. Nearly zero results could mean a title loss for Red Bull – three if you include Pérez in the opening race. You cannot become a champion without reliability.”

Watchman Talk about “excellent racing” by Leclerc and also see how Mercedes has taken a step in the right direction. , they took full advantage of Verstappen’s misfortune, with George Russell on the podium and Lewis Hamilton in P4. The car was better than it was on the previous Sundays. Mercedes is on the way back, while Red Bull and Verstappen in particular are still having problems.”

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Maybe he didn’t even look in the rearview mirror ash Praise Leclerc. But what seemed like a boring but work-like day for Verstappen in second place turned into a nightmare.

The Spanish newspaper also logically mentions Fernando Alonso, who was very fast the day before but now finished behind in the Alps. , he fought as best he could, but couldn’t keep up with his tires and had to stop on the second pit. Disappointing ending.

to me l’Equipe Leclerc was “alone in the world” on Sunday. It’s very simple, nobody else was on top in Australia on Sunday. Ferrari’s impressive speed has denied Red Bull any chance in team strategy.”

Watch Charles Leclerc win the Australian Grand Prix.

Guaranteed in BBC It was almost the same. Monegask now has a profile driving position Yet, by far the most impressive performance of the season. There are 20 races left in the longest season in Formula 1 history, and Red Bull will be confident they can catch up, especially if they can develop better than Ferrari. But they gave the already formidable Leclerc a huge boost anyway.”

The German writes: “It was pure hegemony.” picture About Charles Leclerc. “The Ferrari driver always sets the tone, more than 25 seconds ahead of second-placed Sergio Perez (32) in Red Bull. World champion Max Verstappen is having problems with his Red Bull team and has to stop the car. It’s already the second failure, hence a weekend. The week without points, in the current season. That’s what it would be like to defend the title.”

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