For the love of video games

For the love of video games

In a romantic comedy about video games and heartwarming vulnerability, audiences watch the story of a college girl who balances her love for World of Warcraft with the boy she fell in love with.

The Pierce College Journeymen, a club for students interested in theater, is doing a student-run virtual production called “In Love and Warcraft” on Zoom, written by Madhuri Shekar. The show starts November 13-14, has a curtain at 6 pm and has an estimated runtime of two hours with one break.

The comedy follows college student and Evie (Janelle Javier) who leads a guild in the online multiplayer game World of Warcraft. On the side, she writes love letters to clients who are having relationship issues despite not having personal experience of intimacy. This is until she fell in love with Raul (Michael Kendrick), an agent who asks for her help.

For fear of being physically intimate, she looks up to her close friend Kitty (Aidan Inbinder) who is sexually active and extroverted. Now Evie must decide between her love life or the life that she lives virtually.

Director Roya Rowe spoke about the cast and the club’s new zoom techniques.

“Our actors are so talented that on first reading day, they knew the characters so well that half of the work was already done,” Rowe said. “Some scenes seemed almost impossible online but we have reached a point where we can show all of these interactions.”

Javier said In Love and Warcraft focuses on having the courage to be vulnerable.

Javier said: “There is a message that you have faith that you will not go through a life that is constantly hurt.” “To have people who care about you and want the best for you and to leave yourself exposed to these people.”

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Costume designer Melanie Garcia said the show will open the audience’s eyes, allowing them to step back from the virtual world and actually engage.

“We are all at our computers and it’s a nice reminder to look at the situation and remind us once [the pandemic is] “Everywhere – to share outside of technology,” Garcia said.

Einbinder said she was excited for fans to see the play, which was virtual, from rehearsal to live performance.

“As an actress, I’ve never trained for acting on top of Zoom, so it’s something new,” Einbinder said. “There is a little bit of a learning curve but everyone is doing a great job and I’m excited to watch it.”

More information on how to watch “In Love and Warcraft” will be posted on Journeymen’s website Instagram And the Facebook page As opening night approaches.

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