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NOh smile, no handshake, no reconciliation. Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona, ​​but this was not a happy ending. It’s over, for now, and yet there’s no real lockdown and nobody really got what they wanted, maybe even Josep Maria Bartomeu. As a power-clinging survivor, he will no longer preside over the departure of the best player in club history, but he will not shirk responsibility for it. His victory, if that is what it was, is a hollow one. Messi make sure of it.

The prospect of him leaving after 20 years in Barcelona was sad and he was avoided for nine months, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part is that it has gotten to the point wanted Leaves; That things were so bad, so broken, he was turning his back on them all. And remains. Not fixed by Messi’s survival, Bartomeu is still alive. Messi said: “I wanted to be happy, and I did not find happiness in the club.”

Doing so now can be difficult; His final decision, taken under duress, did not extradite him. It wasn’t a whole thing: before, during, or after it. It wasn’t a power game, nor was it a push for a new decade. Messi announced that he would stay at the club he “loved” but there was no new deal, no promises, no excuse. Instead, there was sadness during his speech, which he did not publish on the club’s channel but on Hours later, Barcelona’s website still didn’t even mention him. It was supposed to be good news, best news, but it wasn’t news at all.

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There was no celebration, just kind of tired. From Messi, there was an outright honesty, and he refused to condone this or act as if everything was fine, and their differences were resolved. He could have backed off, he could have said he felt inconsistent, he could have asked to draw a line under this whole unfortunate story or tried to build bridges, but he didn’t. He would have said it’s a moment of madness. He did not do that either

He admitted he wanted to go and accused Bartomeu of backing out of the agreement to let him go. All year long, he said, he’d been telling Bartomeu that he had thought about it carefully and his time was up; Others had to take over by now. He could even say he wanted to benefit the club, and help them economically, but he also didn’t: He insisted it was his right to cancel his contract and walk for free. Only one thing stopped him: the risk of him ending up in court. nothing else.

All he wanted to avoid was quarrels, but he didn’t hold back from any quarrels either – at least not with the man who held him so responsible for the truth that he was wrong. The best part about the breakup was showing off but there was no compensation with the officials. The day he stayed, away from peace, there was a statement from his father reaffirming Messi’s legal right to leave. Sure, there was talk of love for the club that revealed the crying of his sons, but he didn’t allow it to protect the president or pretend he welcomed the outcome.

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There are many supporters with him in this regard: many wanted him to go, for his sake and not for theirs, a strange phenomenon that appeared where some of those on his side supported his departure, and some of them demanded to stay. His supporters felt sad and hurt but saw other villains and felt he had the right to decide. By listening to him happily explaining the decision to stay, they would have agreed.

Messi remains, which is something to be thankful for, but I didn’t feel it. Not least because he wasn’t hiding behind a facade. Sometimes when players come out, they offer a deciding shot; Messi hands him over when he comes back, and the honesty is brutal. There are sharp cleavages. This was a stinging reunion.

Read this line again: “I will stay because the president said the only way to go is to pay 700 million euros, which is impossible, [or] The other way was to go to court. ”This is from the club captain.

“For a long time now, there was no project or anything. They do a balanced work, and they plug holes as they go along.”

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This approach was eventually applied to him as well. He said they ignored him for the whole year or put him off, then when it came to it, it was short-lived and they said no.

“I needed it, the club needed it, it was good for everyone,” Messi said, but Bartomeu was unable to let him go. And he couldn’t really force him to stay, but he did.

Messi returns to training this week. “The truth is, I don’t know what’s going to happen now;” he said, “There is a new coach, a new idea.” “But I will do my best.” He will be waiting for his colleagues who have been silent and Ronald Koeman who said: “I just want players who want to be here and give everything.” Messi was not pretending to be him, and things cannot be the way they are now, especially since no one is pretending to be. There is no way back, even when there is no choice but to do exactly that.

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