For a limited time only: Free PDF scanner app with OCR text recognition

For a limited time only: Free PDF scanner app with OCR text recognition

Not everyone has a printer with a built-in scanner at home to quickly digitize official documents or copy text. You also have to write the document content from a mobile phone image, which takes a lot of time.

Currently, Google Play Store offers the perfect solution for such cases. A Pro version of the Android Mobile Doc Scanner app is currently being offered there. The portable document scanner converts text in images directly into copyable text. Get the practical tool and save 5.49 €.

Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such a free promotion and have no influence over the developers’ decisions to terminate it under certain circumstances. That’s why you should always check when downloading if the offer is still valid at that moment.

Mobile Doc Scanner: Portable Document Scanner for Android

The portable scanner is a compact tool that comes with many practical features. This includes, among other things, “Batch Mode”. If you want to scan multiple consecutive PDF pages in the shortest possible time, you can also save them for later processing. The scan itself is fast and reliable with good quality. Handwritten notes are captured fairly accurately by the scanner – provided the writing is not handwritten.

Documents can be edited directly after scanning. This can be especially useful when it turns out at the last minute that an important document is missing the required signature or contains typos. In addition, thanks to some filter functions, image quality can be improved by correcting distortions or balancing the brightness.

Mobile Doc Scanner then offers several options: You can send the scanned papers as an email, a ZIP file, or even as a link. It is also possible to upload scans to any cloud storage device, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or other social media applications.

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