Footer Storm chase in America, these are the most beautiful pictures

Footer Storm chase in America, these are the most beautiful pictures

Weatherman Wouter van Bernebeek from Weerplaza spent three weeks in the US looking for the most beautiful cloudy skies. De Groesbeker shares with us some of his most beautiful photos.

“Showers work the same way, they’re all a little bigger. Now everything in America is bigger than in the Netherlands,” says Wauter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza.

Weather scene – Photo: Wouter van Bernebeek

beautiful structures

It is a well-known phenomenon for enthusiasts chasing thunderstorms or tornadoes in the United States. But Wouter van Bernebeek is not satisfied with the violent hurricanes. He wants to see a beautiful sky: “I mainly go to beautiful structures. One day you have a chance of tornadoes, the next day you have a great chance of hailstones. And another day you basically have beautiful structures in the sky. Depending on where you’re going.” “

A man looking at the weather – Photo: Wauter van Bernbeek


Van Bernebeek is passionate about the beautiful structures: “I wouldn’t call it a kick. The benefit, I like to call it, is to capture those baths in the most attractive way, just as I do in Holland.” In addition to taking beautiful pictures, he also conducts research into this phenomenon.

Weerplaza fellow Wilfred Janssen from Heteren also joined the Van Bernebeek group.

American landscape – Photograph: Water van Bernebeek

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