Foo Fighters shares the trailer for the horror movie ‘Studio 666’ (Watch)

Foo Fighters shares the trailer for the horror movie 'Studio 666' (Watch)

Never a dull moment with Dave... After releasing an album, book, and movie last year, the Foo Fighters captain is now sharing the first trailer for his upcoming horror movie. studio 666, in a text that looks a lot like something he wrote before On Tell.

The clip shows the band moving to a haunted house somewhere in California to write and record their tenth album, followed by the scariest scenes and recording sessions the Devils have.

All of the Foo Fighters star in director BJ McDonnell’s movie. studio 666 Opens in theaters nationwide on February 25. Nothing is known about the Dutch performances yet.


The script is like the band’s experience while recording the last recording Medicine in the middle of the night. in the last OnInterview with the singer about a Old House Fucked Where the album was recorded.

I was looking for a place nearby where I could work on my demos in complete solitude. It is a little remote, it was built in the 1930s. When I sent the first demos to Greg, he immediately said, “Where did you score this?” There seemed to be something of an atmosphere in those large, empty rooms, which appeared in the recordings. It just seemed like an hour.

“But when we went to set the record there, strange things happened…When we came back after the break, things moved. Guitars aren’t in tune on their own. The equipment is upset, the buttons are different. And we knew for sure that we didn’t do it ourselves. So we decided Create some kids cams to see who was messing with these things.

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“Well… there was something going on, but it wasn’t one of us. The place was haunted. When we realized this, we had nine songs ready and even though we weren’t physically attacked, it just blew the bubble. Nine songs? Are they good? Are they alone? Is it an album? Nice. Pack up and go!

Watch the trailer and see how Dave Grohl drew inspiration for a movie from this experience.

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