FNV Youth Care will decide on any actions at a later time | Currently

FNV Youth Care will decide on any actions at a later time |  Currently

FNV Youth Care has announced that it will postpone the decision on any actions in youth care for the time being. Earlier, the Union of Minister Frank Werwind (Legal Protection) demanded that an additional 400 million euros be allocated structurally. The alert deadline expires on Friday, but no actions will be taken at this time.

FNV Youth Care wants to use the money to hire thousands of new young protectors. The alarm expired at 5 p.m. Friday. If Weerwind does not comply with this, procedures will follow.

According to an FNV spokesperson, the ministry has now requested in a pending letter, because procedures are being prepared. But initial feedback from FNV members shows that this request has not been well received. So actions may follow, but that decision has not yet been made.

People who act as protectors of youth have on average twice as many clients as they are responsible. The union recently claimed this on the basis of a survey of more than four hundred young advocates.

According to the FNV, previous research indicates that the Protector of Youth can supervise no more than eight to nine families. The survey showed that each professional now helps an average of eighteen families, twice that number. FNV says 5,000 new young protectors are needed to ease the workload.

In addition to the 400 million euros, the union also wants Weerwind to come up with a national standard that says how many families the Young Protector can supervise. The FNV argues for a maximum of eight families per employee.

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