Flemish neighbor surprises Masgo with a fully submerged pool | 1 Limburg

Flemish neighbor surprises Masgo with a fully submerged pool |  1 Limburg

The Maasplas near Kinrooi, which has an open connection with the Maas and the marina at Stevensweert, is the dumping ground for excavated soil from Antwerp.

It remains unclear to what extent Antwerp’s burial sands have been contaminated. The municipality of Masgaux (Hell, Maasbracht and Thorne) is clearly quite amazed at the intent of the Flemish neighbours.

gravel mining and water sports
The Maasplas in question is Vissenakker / Boterakker, with an area of ​​250 hectares it is the largest in Kinrooi. The area has been used to mine gravel and sand for decades and is also popular with sailors, surfers, and swimmers. Water in Maasplas is also used to irrigate farmland.

“The Final End”
It was announced this week that Flemish minister Zuhal Demir has designated the lake as a waste platform for excavated soil from the Antwerp-Austerwil link, a major project that should complement the ring road around the city. Thus, Demir ignores the decision of the Belgian State Council. Although the municipality of Kenroe has previously successfully challenged the landfill permit in the highest administrative court. The lawsuit lasted more than three years. But the Minister now says, in brief, that the reclamation activities at Maasplas are not yet complete. “Backfill should be seen as the final finish after the sand has been extracted,” she says.

social purpose
This “filling” will soon be carried out in huge quantities, about two ships per day. Maasplas is now about 50 meters deep. When the casting is finished, the depth will be at least 20 meters all around. In total, this concerns 7.2 million cubic meters of land. Rekin, the consortium of gravel companies that exploit Maasplas, believes that soil storage in Kinrooi serves a “social purpose”. Ricken casually notes that it benefits everyone financially.

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polluted water
Kenroe municipality sees this very differently. Mayor Joe Bronce points to the risks and lack of guarantees that “foreign land” is not contaminated. Earlier, the excavated soil of an Oosterweel link appeared to be contaminated with PFOS, which is harmful to public health and the environment. “I can’t imagine this pollution ending on 2,500 hectares of farmland. If the water becomes polluted, our berth of a thousand boats will also leave,” he told Het Belang van Limburg.

Marina Stephenswirt
It is doubtful that the ships were all moored a stone’s throw away on the other side of the Maas at Stevensweert’s anchorage. Nor is it certain that Dutch Limburg will survive environmental damage. Which is why it is so surprising that the municipality of Maseqo, as its closest neighbour, was not informed.

Dive into plans
A Maasgouw spokesperson: “We are not aware of plans to flood the soil in Maasplassen near Kinrooi. If the plans are consistent with reports, this is also not a desirable development for Maasgouw. We will now first dive into the plans. We are looking at the next steps that will be taken. We will also contact a municipality Kenroy”.

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