First ‘press’ 20m, then schilder is the best place in the world

First 'press' 20m, then schilder is the best place in the world

Jessica Schilder has no doubts when it comes to paying off. It will reach 20 meters this summer. “I want and will make that progress. Only then will I really dare say I belong on top of the world,” says the 23-year-old Volendam player, who is looking forward to her participation in the FBK Games in Hengelo next Monday.

Suddenly there was 19.72 meters in February in an indoor competition in Apeldoorn. A meter away from what she normally would have been, at the time, she was the world’s best performer of the year. Schilder underlined her growing status a month later with a bronze medal at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade.

Schilder explains her phenomenal progress primarily through her move to Athletic Center Papendale and national coach Gert Damkat. “It gives me more freedom, I really like it. It helps me a lot that I can train indoors all winter in the hall in Pappendale and no longer outside in the rain and snow. Papendale is nice and fast, so I was able to do a lot of punches there and a big part of my progress comes through.” from there.”

She says the mentality has also changed. “I never expected myself that I would hit more than 19 metres. But in January at training camp in South Africa I was kicking really well and my coach already said I would go too far indoors. His prediction came true. Now I am working hard towards 20 metres and I am sure Than with my current technique I will succeed I am completely stronger but still have to gain some weight I am not at the optimum weight yet. Also I am not on top of the world. Yes, I participate, but only when I am pushing 20m I dare Saying I really belong.”

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Schilder will focus on two peak moments this summer. She wants to be at her “absolutely” best during the World Cup in Eugene (USA) and the European Championship in Munich. “There is a month between these two tournaments, so it’s very difficult to plan for the shape. I train harder during this period on purpose, so I can slow down a little later and hope to peak in the World Cup and European Championships. FBK Games I’ll probably have to settle for lower performance. Little “.

Shields can also be seen regularly in the Diamond League this summer. Because of her bronze medal at the World Indoor Games Championships, she was already allowed to participate in the first of a series of leading athletics competitions in Doha. “The Diamond League was on my prize list. That match in Doha wasn’t very fun, but I learned a lot and I want more.”


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