FIFA World Cup Podcast | “Germany must stay in the championship” | FIFA World Cup in Qatar

FIFA World Cup Podcast |  "Germany must stay in the championship" |  FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Mexico and Denmark are allowed to return home. Poland and Australia survived the group stage. Orange criticism from Belgium and the choice in front: Memphis / Bergwijn or Memphis / Gakpo. Etienne Verhoeve discusses this in the World Cup Football Podcast with Martin Pfewels.

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The Dutch national team’s match against Qatar could not “enchant” Marc Degress. in latest news The former PSV player was critical of the Orange team and the match. In fact, the Belgian expects the Netherlands to exit if they meet a real football nation.

Wijffels: ,, In 2014 for Holland-Spain, I stepped up the pitch with Degryse. And Mark didn’t believe in Orange. Spain will take over the Netherlands. We know the story of that duel. Afterwards everyone marched to a game of Bolognese. When I met Degres, he said: “I told you… Holland is one of the favorites for the World Cup. So as you can see, everything can change with a match.”

However, Degres wasn’t entirely wrong with the Holland game. He wondered aloud where the Dutch school had gone. ,, The last time the Netherlands actually played according to the Dutch school was the 1998 World Cup. The result was under Van Marwijk football. You must be well organized and must have enough speed at the front. This recipe has become. And that romantic nonsense… get rid of it.”

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Etienne Verhoef and Martin Wigfels. © Martin Visser / Joost Hoving

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