FIFA Mobile’s new season update brings a series of improvements to the gameplay and audiovisual effects of FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile's new season update brings a series of improvements to the gameplay and audiovisual effects of FIFA Mobile Football

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) recently released a major update for the EA SPORTS “FIFA Mobile” mobile game. This update has introduced a series of improvements and improvements to the gameplay and audiovisual effects, which will greatly benefit players and football fans around the world. Enhance the realism for a first-class gaming experience.

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“Today marks the first day of FIFA Mobile’s journey into the future, bringing a truly revolutionary football experience to tens of millions of players around the world, and the ability to enjoy the game on devices of all generations.” EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile Director Lawrence Koh said: “Due to the close collaboration and efforts of EA Vancouver and EA China, the two studios have further enhanced FIFA Mobile as an enjoyable space for football fans around the world: no matter when and where, everyone can collaborate and compete together here. We are very excited to see new and old players join the ranks in the coming years.”

The revamped FIFA Mobile game engine greatly improves visual accuracy, allowing players in matches to see more details on the screen. Gamers using the latest mobile devices can also adjust settings to play at 60 frames per second for a smoother and more responsive experience. The new update also focuses on ease of use, adding more setup options for players to tweak the in-game visual experience to ensure game compatibility on different devices, so players around the world can continue to play FIFA Mobile.

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Players can also witness exciting moments like never before with a new feature that instantly switches between the four camera angles during a match. In addition, new camera options are available for goal kicks, free kicks, corner kicks and penalties, and can be toggled at will during replays, allowing players to immerse themselves further into the game’s most intense and exciting moments. A series of new courses are also available for players to unlock, and in addition to the unique weather accompanying the different locations, there are also new time options that allow players to play during the day, dusk or night.

“This major FIFA Mobile update has been in the works for years,” said Jess Yang, General Manager of EA China. “We continue to listen to feedback from players around the world and build new features that enhance the gaming experience based on that feedback – the players who help us create the most immersive and authentic football experience on mobile devices.”

One of the most requested features to date, the latest FIFA Mobile update will include live audio commentary from legendary game commentators around the world. The judges will be available in 11 languages, including English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. New home cheers, stadium announcements, and players on the field holding their breath have also been updated, all to make the game feel more realistic.

In the latest FIFA Mobile update, the gameplay has been greatly improved, players can get more complex team management and player control in 11v11 matches in real time, fan-favorite VS Attack mode (VS Attack mode) will gain the game overall Quality improvement. New team management options give players complete control over substitutions, lineups, and penalties, giving players complete control over their team’s fate. New features such as stamina and skill moves in FIFA Mobile take the game experience to a new level of realism, as players must monitor their team and take appropriate actions during the match to win.

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