FIA report after Formula 1 final: “race leader Massey acted in good conscience” | motorsports

FIA report after Formula 1 final: "race leader Massey acted in good conscience" |  motorsports

After discussions with all concerned, the report examines the full course of events in Abu Dhabi in depth. The most important consequences or consequences were already known. For example, Michael Massey has been sent away as race director, some sort of VAR system has been set up in Geneva for more help and regulations on safety car procedures have been modified slightly.

The World Motorsports Council, the FIA’s highest body, says Massi acted “in good conscience”, referring to his decision to bring the safety car in Abu Dhabi one lap before the finish. As a result, the battle for the world title was decided on the right track in favor of Max Verstappen.


In addition, the analysis showed that the regulations can be interpreted in different ways, causing ambiguity. It has now been modified that not “any” but “all cars” behind must overtake the safety car to resume racing. In Abu Dhabi, Massey decided that the five cars that got between leading Hamilton and second place Verstappen at the time could rid themselves of the lap buildup. There is talk of “human error”. Connect with drivers who love themselves inappropriate It will be a program of this season.

Massey has since been replaced by the two race directors (Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas), who will take turns. In addition, team bosses could no longer communicate directly with the race director – who, according to the report, was also under enormous pressure because of this – and thus a remote operations center was set up in Switzerland. This serves as a backup for the race officials and should not delay the decision-making process.

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The report also states that Max Verstappen is the world champion and that the outcome cannot and will not change.

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