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FIA pakt porpoisingprobleem hard aan,

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Today the FIA ​​released important news that porpoises, one of the biggest problems of 2022, will be nipped in the bud. The Motorsports Authority has chosen to set the rules that teams must adhere to to address the safety issue. Of course, this is not the only news today and you can read the most important things in our summary.

Melbourne beats Sydney to extend Formula 1 deal until 2035

The Australian Grand Prix will be held in Melbourne until 2035. The organizer won the Sydney competition and signed a long-term deal with Formula 1. Albert Park will remain the home of the Formula 1 race in Australia until at least 2035 after signing a new 10-year contract that will come into effect after the arrangement expires. Current after the 2025 race. Read the full article? click here

Red Bull will approach the stopping points in Canada differently: “It was not excellent”

Helmut Marko is satisfied with the way things are going at Red Bull in 2022, but he still touches on an issue that has cost the team so much during the season: the downtime. In Canada, Red Bull will approach it differently. Read the full article? click here

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The bullet goes through the church: the FIA ​​officially intervenes to tackle the problem of porpoise hunting

After the debate over the problem of porpoise hunting after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix continued to increase, the FIA ​​decided to intervene. The Motorsports Authority will try to address the problem for some teams and drivers and intervene. Read the full article? click here

“Leclerc faces a ten-place grid penalty for turbo four”

Charles Leclerc has now run three races in a row with bad luck in Formula 1 and things are not looking rosy for the Canadian Grand Prix at the moment. Several Italian media have reported a possible turbo change in Leclerc, which would mean exceeding the cap and therefore a ten-place penalty. Read the full article? click here

This is how the new FIA hunting regulations work

After long and extensive consultations with the FIA, the Motorsports Authority has decided to intervene in new regulations to tackle the problem of porpoise hunting. With the new regulations, teams that bounce a lot up and down the car will be dealt with. In the worst case, a violation of the rules can lead to disqualification. Read the full article? click here

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