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Traffic forecast for the weekend of August 7-8.

This weekend it will be very busy on European roads again. Millions of vacationers are on their way to their holiday destination or back home. French traffic police assume long traffic jams on Saturday 7 August and warn of severe congestion on the roads in the Rhone Valley. But hours of delays are also expected on other French north-south routes. At noon there are probably more than 900 km of traffic jams.

Traffic jam in the alpine region

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Traffic forecast by country

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France forecast

Friday will be more crowded on French motorways during the morning, and will decrease by the end of the evening. Saturday begins with the first traffic jams around Paris, in A 6/A7Du Soleil Road. Not long after, traffic also gets stuck in A 10 Between Poitiers and Bordeaux. Moreover, the waiting time in the Mont Blanc tunnel in N205 Be an hour (or more) at the border with Italy. Vacationers who want to avoid the largest number of crowds are best to leave the Netherlands after 10am on Saturday or only set out on Sunday.
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Germany forecast

In Germany, it gets busy a lot in the south of the country. ANWB’s German sister club, ADAC, is anticipating plenty of movement towards Italy and Croatia. In addition, more than 800 Roadworks cause additional disturbance. But there is also a waste of time in the north of the country between Hamburg and the Danish border. On Friday afternoon the first traffic jams appeared. This weekend’s jams are A5/A 8 About Karlsruhe A3 Passau-Sopen (Austria) and A 8 Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg. In the north the connection is made in a traffic jam on A 1/A7 Close to Bremen and Hamburg.
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Austria forecast

In Austria they are A 10/A 11 Salzburg – Villach – Slovenian border and Fern Pass (B179) in Tirol as vacationers will face a lot of delays this weekend. In different places is the “command block” on A 10 With an additional travel time of up to two hours. The waiting time for the Karawankentunnel is over an hour and a half.
different exits from A 10 (Salzburg -Villach) is closed to traffic during the weekend. This ban is in effect from July 10 to September 12 on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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Switzerland forecast

In Switzerland, on A2 Traffic jams are expected in Gotthardtunnel throughout the weekend. Waiting time in both directions on Saturday can rise to more than two hours.
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Italy forecast

It will also be very busy in Italy this weekend. Biggest crowd on Saturday A 14 Between Bologna and Rimini with lost time for several hours. Also count on a lot of delay in A22 Brainero – Verona and Ali Roads towards The Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic kissNS.
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