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Traffic forecast for the weekend 28-29 August

This weekend it will be crowded again on European roads due to the (mainly frequent) traffic during the holidays. Significant delays are expected, especially on Saturday.

Passing summer vacation (Germany)

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Belgium forecast

Motorsports fans will be very busy this weekend on the roads to the Belgian Ardennes. On Saturday, and especially on Sunday, tens of thousands of visitors from the Netherlands and Germany will be on their way to the Circuit de Spa/Francorchamps for the Formula 1 race.
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France forecast

This weekend will be crowded in France on the main roads due to the (mainly frequent) holiday traffic. Saturday is the busiest day. Hence, road traffic is more to the north than to the south. The biggest delay then is on the roads in the southeast. Peak hours are between 09:00 to 17:00. Only after 6 pm do the crowds decrease somewhat. Sunday will also be a busy travel day. The busiest routes this weekend are: A 6 Paris – Lyon, A7 Lyon – Marseille, A 8 Aix-en-Provence – Nice, A 9 orange – spanish border, A 10 Barge – Orleans – Bordeaux, A 20 / A 61 Verzon – Limoges – Toulouse – Narbonne, A63 Bordeaux – Spanish border, A71/A75 Orleans – Clermont-Ferrand – Montpellier.
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Germany forecast

Saturday is the busiest day this weekend. Most traffic jams occur in the south of the country, mainly due to the return of holiday traffic on the roads to the north. Moreover, many (more than 800) The way it runs a lot of delay. In addition, the A61 motorway southwest of Cologne (between the Kerpen and Meckenheim junctions) remains closed in both directions due to severe weather (flooding) in July. Traffic in the direction of southern Germany and beyond is better off via the A3 (Rechtsrheinische Autobahn). The busiest routes this weekend are: A 1 Osnabrück – Bremen – Hamburg – Denz Greens, A3 Frankfurt – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Passau, A5 Karlsruhe – Basel, A7 Flensburg – Hamburg, A7 Ulm – Vossen, A 8 Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg, A 9 Nuremberg – Munich, A99 ringweg munich.
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Austria forecast

In Austria, the city will be congested this weekend due to holiday traffic, especially to and from the Adriatic in Italy and Croatia. The biggest delay is on Saturday. Busy roads are: A 10 / A 11 Salzburg – Villach – Ljubljana, A12/A13 Kufstein – Innsbruck – Brenner, A23 Villach – Udine, B179 Vossen – Nazareth.
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Switzerland forecast

This weekend it will be busy on the road in Switzerland again due to holiday traffic. Saturday is the busiest day, seeing crowds in both directions from early morning until evening. The biggest bottleneck is the Gotthard tunnel in A2 Basel – Chiasso. also on A 13, the alternate route is through the San Bernardino tunnel, there are long traffic jams. Busy roads are: A 1 Zurich – Bern, A2 Basel – Chiasso A 13 Creek – Bellinzona.
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Italy forecast

This weekend it will be busy on the road in Italy due to holiday traffic. On Friday afternoon the first traffic jams during the holidays appeared on the roads of major cities. Saturday is the busiest day. Busy roads are: A4 Milan – Venice – Trieste, A 10 French border – Genoa, A 14 Bologna – Rimini, A22 Brenner Pass – Verona. On the road Bologna – Florence, via A 1Traffic is heavily affected by the business, which will (most likely) continue until the end of August.
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