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Zomervakantieverkeer (Duitsland)

Traffic forecast for the weekend of August 14-15.

This weekend it will be busy on European roads again. Many vacationers are still on their way to their holiday destination or back home. Significant delays are expected, especially on Saturday.

Passing summer vacation (Germany)

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France forecast

This weekend it will be busy on important roads in France due to departure and return traffic during the holidays. Saturday (August 14th) is the biggest expected delay, with peak audiences between 09:00 and 15:00. Crowds will only drop after 5 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday is also a busy day. The busiest routes this weekend are: A 6 Paris – Lyon, A7 Lyon – Marseille, A 8 Aix-en-Provence – Nice, A 10 Barge – Orleans – Bordeaux, A 20/A 61 Verzon – Limoges – Toulouse – Narbonne, A63 Bordeaux – Spanish border, A71/A75 Orleans – Clermont-Ferrand – Montpellier.
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Germany forecast

This weekend will be crowded on German roads due to holiday traffic. Most traffic jams occur in the south of the country and towards the coasts of northern Germany and the Baltic Sea due to traffic leaving and returning. The busiest are Saturday and Sunday afternoons. In addition, many (more than 800) work delay. In addition, the A 61, southwest of Cologne, between the Kerpen and Meckenheim junctions, remains closed in both directions due to flood damage. Traffic service to southern Germany and beyond is best served via A3 (Rechtsrheinische Road). The busiest routes this weekend are: A 1 Osnabrück – Bremen – Hamburg – Denz Greens, A3 Frankfurt – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Passau (Austria entry check), A5 Karlsruhe – Basel (Business), A7 Ulm – Vossen, A 8 Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg, A 9 Nuremberg – Munich, A99 ringweg munich.
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Austria forecast

It will also be crowded in Austria this weekend due to holiday traffic. Especially towards the Adriatic (Italy and Croatia). The biggest delay is on Saturday. Since there is a lot of holiday traffic returning, both in the south and in the north, there are delays. The busiest routes this weekend are: A 10/A 11 Salzburg – Villach – Ljubljana (Slow), A 12/A 13 Kufstein – Innsbruck – Brenner, A23 Villach – Udine, B179 Vossen – Nazareth.
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Switzerland forecast

This weekend will be crowded on Swiss roads due to traffic congestion. There are traffic jams on Saturday from early morning until evening. The biggest bottleneck is the Gotthard tunnel. There can be a delay at night from Friday to Saturday. There are also long traffic jams on the A13, the alternate route through the San Bernardino Tunnel. Last Saturday (7 August) there was a delay in Gotthard Tunnel Up to about two hours in both directions, just like in A 13. The busiest routes this weekend are: A 1 Zurich – Bern, A2 Basil – Chiasso (in both directions), A 13 Creek – Bellinzona.
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Italy forecast

Saturday will be busy due to holiday traffic en route to Lakes of northern Italy and the where. The busiest routes this weekend are: A4 Milan – Venice – Trieste, A 10 French border – Genoa, A 14 Bologna – Rimini, A22 Prenerpass – Verona.
On the Bologna – Florence road, traffic is heavily affected by construction work (which will last until the end of August). and the A 9 Chiasso – Como – Lainate (link A8) is closed at night (13-27 August) due to construction work.
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