Ferrari offers an improved power supply in Turkey or the United States

Ferrari offers an improved power supply in Turkey or the United States

After the weekend at the Italian Grand Prix, Gazzetta dello sport It has become clear that something is going on behind the scenes at Ferrari. For example, clarity now has arisen over the introduction of Ferrari’s improved power supply, while there is also talk of another extension of Charles Leclerc’s contract at the illustrious racing stable located in Maranello.

At Monza, Ferrari still had to make do with the current specifications of the engine. At the beginning of the year, the team decided not to implement the planned improvements yet, but to continue to develop and achieve strength gains by mid-season. Spa and Monza came too early to implement the improvements yet, but it looks like a new engine will arrive soon.

“These developments are coming quickly,” Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto told the Italian mediator. “It is important for us that the renewable engine is rolled out as quickly as possible, as we will also need it for the work we are doing on next year’s car,” he added. As a result, Ferrari plans to release the updated engine in October. Turkey and the United States are listed as options for this introduction.

When Ferrari chooses the power supply with more power, it means they have to carry out the grid penalty. After all, both drivers have already reached the maximum allowed engine components for the 2021 season. However, Binotto is looking forward to the arrival of the improved engine, also because they are already partially focused on the 2022 season with development. So the data from the improved engine is very welcome.

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Extension of Leclerc at Ferrari?

In addition, there is talk of a possible extension of Leclerc’s contract at Ferrari. Monegask, seen as the man who has to lead Ferrari back to the top of the field, is fixed to 2024. Mario Salvini, Italy’s motorsport editor, views an extension to 2026 as a realistic possibility. However, a lot depends on what quality of car Ferrari can put on the tarmac in 2022.

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