Ferrari no longer makes updates due to lack of budget: ‘You don’t understand that other teams keep developing’

Ferrari no longer makes updates due to lack of budget: 'You don't understand that other teams keep developing'

Mattia Binotto admits Ferrari have been unable to make further promotions due to a lack of budget for this season. The Italian stable appears to have been overtaken by Mercedes, a stable that upgraded the car a few weeks ago. The Ferrari boss doesn’t understand that teams can bring in promotions so late. So Binotto hopes there will be clarity soon about potential budget cap excesses.

Ferrari’s season started off promisingly, but the team has completely lost its momentum. Currently, Mercedes appears to be the second team behind Red Bull Racing. He writes “Mercedes has the best show since the US Grand Prix” Cars, Sports and Sports. “The Brackley team released an update that made the difference by around five kilos. Ferrari has been on hold for a while from developing its car.

Ferrari had to make that choice because of the budget cap. “It’s certainly not an option we made voluntarily. At some point, we simply ran out of money,” Binotto explains. “We can’t afford the extra cost of producing the parts anymore. That’s why I’m totally amazed that other teams can still fetch updates. Mercedes released its latest update in Austin and it appears to be working fine.

Binotto wants clarity soon

More will only be known about the potential excesses of Formula 1 teams next year. According to Binotto, the process could be speeded up to avoid all the speculation we’ve seen this year. “We have to trust the FIA ​​and its inspectors,” said the Ferrari team principal. The Italian branch of We can’t wait for October again. “It would be very unfortunate for this sport if the team again went above the budget ceiling,” Binotto said.

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