“Ferrari is not using all the engine power for fear of new failures”

"Ferrari is not using all the engine power for fear of new failures"

Ferrari hasn’t made the most of its power this season. The Italian racing stable has mainly tried to solve technical issues, forcing them to postpone developments until the 2023 season. There are still some issues with Ferrari’s engine, which means its drivers will almost certainly have to make another engine change for the remainder of the season to avoid another failure. In the fight for second place in the constructors’ championship.

Ferrari has had many problems with its reliability this season. Both the Italian racing team and its customer team lost several points due to technical issues. The Italian writes: “The technicians found the problems” Formu1a.uno. “It was not easy to find the cause, so it was decided to work on every part of the power unit. There are still issues, but the team is only looking at some of them.”

Ferrari still has plenty of leeway

The team basically tried to limit damage for much of the season. “Ferrari has not pulled all the power from its engine in any race, not even its home race.” The Italian racing stable could gain a significant advantage with the extra leeway, but the team delayed developments by a year. “If Ferrari had run the engine more, the team would have been a danger to Verstappen at Monza. However, the team does not want to see another retirement, especially before the second place in the constructors’ championship is secured.

Ferrari of course has some so-called Software icons Diffuse to work on the power source. As regulations surrounding the power unit have been frozen, teams have been given five codes to work on the engine this season. Ferrari will use its fifth in Austin. Tokens posted by the team so far have been used to limit damage. In this way they could not get the maximum potential from the power source, while Honda did performance can improve.’ Next year, teams will only have one token.

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Ferrari can postpone Leclerc’s grid penalty

Cars, Sports and Sports It was previously announced that there is a chance that several drivers will take the grid penalty for the US Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc may be one of those drivers, but he is no longer important because the engine has worn less due to the postponed races in Singapore and Japan. Ferrari will be looking at its competitive edge over the weekend. So the engine change could be postponed to Mexico. Leclerc will get a net penalty of five or ten places,” says the epilogue.

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