Ferrari halted Formula 1 car development due to budget cap: ‘We had no choice’ | sports

Ferrari halted Formula 1 car development due to budget cap: 'We had no choice' |  sports

,, We had no choice because we were at our limits. Team principal Mattia Binotto said on there were no more resources available to develop the car.

Ferrari made an impressive start to the year with two victories for Charles Leclerc in the first three races, but Red Bull – and Max Verstappen in particular – quickly took the lead. The Dutchman dominated the season with fourteen victories and was crowned world champion four races before the end. Partly because of strategic mistakes and failures, Ferrari fell further and further behind. Over the past races, it turned out that Mercedes was also faster than Ferrari. The team scored its last victory in July, when Leclerc won the Grand Prix of Austria.

“It comes as no surprise to me that Mercedes is now faster. The team now has the fastest car thanks to the aerodynamic upgrade at the United States Grand Prix.” “They could have won more races if they had made better tire choices. We couldn’t offer updates because we simply ran out of money. It wouldn’t affect our car in 2023. We didn’t let the development of that car suffer.”

Ferrari has four Grand Prix victories this season. Finn Kimi Raikkonen was the last world champion in a Ferrari in 2007.

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