Favorite Stage 2 Tour of Switzerland | What does VDP do in rainy conditions?

Favorite Stage 2 Tour of Switzerland |  What does VDP do in rainy conditions?

With Stefan Kung in the leader’s jersey, Peloton will face the first stage of the Tour of Switzerland on Monday. It’s going to be a tough stage with just a few climbs. Who is the favourite? This one is looking for In the leader’s shirt is yours.

Road Phase Two Tour Switzerland 2021

Laughing at laughter is possible. The second stage of the Tour of Switzerland goes to Lachin, the birthplace of Tour winner of Lombardy Oliver Zag. Before riders get there, they must ride 178 kilometers over an elevated track. With climbs of almost eight kilometers and an average of five percent, it certainly won’t be easy for the riders. Both climbs are characterized by significant irregularities, which can make it difficult to reach your rhythm. Steep sections alternate with almost flat sections.

This then follows a long but wide incline towards Reichenburg. From now on, two arduous experiences will follow. The first is an unrated 1.2 km climb of 8.4 percent, but after that it becomes more difficult. Litschstrasse can offer the same gradients, but is twice as long as its predecessor. It’s a great climb, as you can expect in Switzerland. Nice green, not too wide and cut up to 12.5 percent. Riders will definitely be released here.

The riders continue their descent to the end of Lachen, where the finish line has been drawn. The last three kilometers of the race are quite flat, but it certainly isn’t easy. In the last three kilometers there are three turns (!), And after that there are also quite a few bends in the final kilometers. We calculate the last of these at about five hundred meters from the end. Therefore, placement is critical if you want to achieve a good result in this final.

Once again the second stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2021

Favorite Stage 2 Tour of Switzerland |  What does VDP do in rainy conditions?

The weather will not be very nice in Switzerland. In the afternoon it will be intense with rain and thunderstorms at the end place. Hopefully the riders can avoid this, because at the end of the stage (5.20pm) there is much less chance of rain. This is what you want when you lead a platoon through the curves of a Swiss city. Hopefully the rain won’t cause any other problems.

Favorite Stage 2 Switzerland Tour 2021

With these weather conditions and this cycle, the classic types seem to have the perfect conditions for a stage victory. Then of course we will come soon Matthew van der Pol, which set a fine trial on Sunday. As it is known, steering is not a problem for the Dutchman and he can finish fast race after tough race. Makes him one of the top contenders to win a stage.

The one who also turned out to be in very good shape during the time of the trial opening is Julian Alphilippi. The Frenchman missed the stage win, but set the tone with a handsome fifth. The Frenchman dares to take a risk, so getting off the Litschstrasse could be a thing for him. Then he needs powerful punches like Michael Woods, Benoit Cosnefroy And the driver of the house Mark Hershey To replace.

Favorite Stage 2 Tour of Switzerland |  What does VDP do in rainy conditions?

If it turns out to be a fast race, he’s basically looking forward to it Michael Matthews. The Australian has already won this round twice in the past, proving that he can handle these types of stages quite well. Likely to compete against him in the enemy Christophe Laporte, who also has a sprint in the legs after the necessary work on the hill.

When GC riders decide to make it work, Richard Karabaz On Maximilian Schachmann Minor difficulty in dealing with these types of climbing. The Ecuadorean also likes some difficult conditions, as he does not turn around to train in the rain more or less in his home country.

What does IDL say about the second stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2021?

Wilbert: Julian Alphilippi
Joel: Christophe Laporte
Jibril: Michael Matthews
Janic: Matthew van der Pol
Wesley: Julian Alphilippi

What does Toto say about the second stage of the 2021 Switzerland Tour?

Once we know the possibilities, we’ll add them.

What do readers say about the second stage of the 2021 Switzerland Tour?

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