Father’s Day after a brain hemorrhage: Emotional Marco goes to De Adelaarshorst with his son Jesse

Jesse te Wierik (5) samen met z'n vader Marco in de Adelaarshorst  (Foto: RTV Oost)

RTV Oost has received nearly a hundred Father’s Day wishes in recent weeks. From every nook and cranny in the province of Overijssel, some came from other parts of the Netherlands and two desires from very far: Australia and Canada.

Left vision impairment

So one of those wishes came from Wierden. For Father’s Day, RTV Oost escorted Marco T. Werrik, a native Salander from New Haitian, and his son Jesse to “The Land of Enchantment”; De Adelaarshorst Stadium by Go Ahead Eagles. “Because of the brain haemorrhage, I can barely tolerate many stimuli,” he says. “I can no longer drive because I have poor vision in my left eye and because the left side of my body has restrictions. This makes it difficult to go to Kuwait. It is really great that it is now possible.”

Jesse and his father are greeted in a royal manner at GA Eagles by broadcaster and host Rob de Jong. They get a scarf and a tour. Jesse is allowed to ride a lawn mower into the main field and shout “Hup Kowet” from the broadcast room through the microphone. “We cherish this father and son he feels at Go Ahead Eagles,” says Rob de Jong. “That is why we would like to invite them to a home match in the Eredivisie.”

Heracles pajamas

Father Marco T. Werick finds it difficult to put his feelings into words. He has thought many times about genuinely introducing his son to his life club. Now it becomes a reality. “His grandmother actually gave him pajamas from Heracles. But we are real Kowet people. This would also work for Jesse.”

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Find out how Marco and his son Jesse lived today here:

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Today, RTV Oost celebrates Father’s Day on all platforms. On the ZieZoZondag radio show, three fathers are put in the spotlight in response to their wishes. Numerous reactions show that Father’s Day is alive in Overijssel. The requests came in part out of gratitude for what all these parents mean to their children.

“He is always there for us,” Fleur Linsink, for example, says of her father, Arno Reimert of Gursel. She gives him a truck ride, which is usually difficult due to his visual impairment. Born Hengeloër Henk Radelaar from Melbourne, Australia, he wishes his 90-year-old father a delicious Twente-style lunch. Including currant road. “He lives in Arnhem, but he loves Twente very much,” he concludes.

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