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Bhojpur: Care should be taken while using and repairing mobile phones. It can be irresponsible in repairing cell phones with limbs. A similar incident occurred at a mobile phone store in Nawada in Bhojpur district of Bihar state. The shopkeeper tried to remove the battery by opening the phone as the person’s mobile phone battery was damaged. But then the battery caught fire and exploded.

The genre that happened in the mobile store was captured on CCTV. CCTV footage shows the battery exploding as soon as the mobile phone is opened. As soon as the explosion occurred, people panicked. The store owner turns off the mobile in time to avoid financial loss. Nawada is one of the decent companies in choc. A customer came to the shop to replace the Redmi Y2 mobile battery. As soon as the store owner opened the phone to replace the battery, the battery exploded and caught fire.

The customer’s mobile phone battery was bad. Manish Kumar of Sabhya Enterprises told that when he opened the mobile to change it, it suddenly started. A copy of the bill burned when the battery exploded. The shop owner’s shirt was also somewhat burnt. The store owner said this was the first time such an incident had occurred in the store.

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Web address: In Bihar a horrific incident of a mobile explosion caught on camera

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