Farmer makes short work of wrong Parker: Knocked car and car driver | the cars

Farmer makes short work of wrong Parker: Knocked car and car driver |  the cars

VideoPark your car in front of the farmland access road? That’s not a good idea, according to a video from the British village of Barnard that has gone viral on social media over the past 24 hours. The owner of the plot violently climbed into his shovel and made short work of the car and the driver of the car.

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British news site Metro reported that the farmer was very upset after dozens of cars parked along narrow roads in the village over the weekend. When Vauxhall (the British equivalent of the Opel car brand) blocked the entrance, it must have blew out the stations.

The car driver, topless, still put his hands in the air in a panic, but to no avail. Relentlessly, the agricultural vehicle throws the passenger car onto the ground, after which it is picked up again, and then dragged and thrown onto its roof a little.

The surprised motorist wants to take a closer look at the damage, but at that moment the farmer pushes the victim himself with his farm car. The incident was captured on video by an eyewitness.

Opinions about the incident are divided on Facebook and Twitter. Some people think the farmer has gone too far. Others are calling for a fundraiser for the farmer in case he is faced with a claim for damages. The local police have now announced that they will investigate the incident for criminal offenses.

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