Farhan: English footballers are showered with strange compliments

Farhan: English footballers are showered with strange compliments

The first victim, who did not notice, is Jack Grealish. Hawk’s character tells the England striker that he has a “cool symmetrical face”. International is completely overwhelmed.

According to Hawk, midfielder Calvin Phillips has “clear eyes” and “great skin”. “You’re obviously a master of hydration,” said the comedian.

Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne offers the following advice. “If you really have doubts, ask yourself the following: ‘What would Jean Mulby do? “

Mollby was only a good example. The former Danish international, who was playing for Ajax and Liverpool, among others. In 1989, he was sentenced to three months in prison after speeding in populated areas, breaking traffic rules, and fleeing the police.

Haaland is awesome, Aki is ravenous

And his new Erling Braut Haaland purchase can’t escape Hawk’s praise. In the eyes of the comedian, the attacker is a “great Norwegian shield of flesh”. Haaland does not look at those strange compliments and does not ignore them.

Nor does Dutch defender Nathan Ake escape the special interest of Hawke. Upon arrival, the left-handed man and the International Orange are told: “If you’re too bold: you have a balance of predator, but friendly eyes. A killer combination. Go in and drive them crazy. Stop and never change!” Aki replies with thanks and a thumbs up.

Champions League

City will play exhibition matches in the United States next week with Mexican Club America and Bayern Munich. On July 30, last season’s national champion began the Community Shield competition, the English version of the Johan Cruyff scale, against Liverpool.

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Manchester City’s dream has always been to win the Champions League, something that has never happened before. In 2021 the club lost the final to Chelsea, and this year’s final winner was Real Madrid, the last stop.

In Madrid, Guardiola’s team led 0-1 and Guardiola’s team found Waterloo again in the highest European competition.

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