Fans react to the news ABC is working on the revival of the beloved soap

David Canary and Melissa Claire Egan in All My Children

all of my children It goes back to TV – sort of. After nine years of canceling the long-running soap, the show may be restarted / shown. ABC is currently working on a prime time release of the series, titled Currently Valley of Pines Deadline reports. the previous all of my children Stars Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are committed to production.

What we know about resurrecting “all my children”

David Canary (Adam) and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) in all of my children | Carol Kailson / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

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all of my children It premiered in 1970 and broadcasted for 41 years, until it was canceled in 2011. The show was one of several series to stop broadcasting between 2007 and 2012, including Emotions, Directional light As the world transformsAnd and One life to live. Since then, loyal fans have expressed a desire for their favorite soap to return. Now, it would seem all of my children Viewers can get their wish.

Valley of Pines It is still in the early development stages. According to Deadline, it will be set in Pine Valley, the same Philadelphia suburb where it is all of my children Takes place. The new series will follow a young journalist with a hidden agenda who arrives in town with the goal of exposing its dark history. The journalist will also get caught up in a feud between the Kane and Santos families. Of course, these two names are well known all of my children Fans.

Plan for Valley of Pines To distinguish both new and familiar characters. While not all of my children Cast members have been set to appear on the show so far, deadline says some will be invited to appear.

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In addition to Ripa and Consuelos, Andrew Stern, Leo Richardson and Robert Nixon will also serve as producers on the new series. Nixon is the son all of my children Creator Agnes Nixon.

Fans are interacting with the possibility of a new show in Pine Valley

Cornelius Smith Jr. and Walt Willie in All My Children
Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie) and Walt Willie (Jackson) in all of my children | Ron Tom TV / Walt Disney via Getty Images

On twitter, all of my children Fans responded enthusiastically to the news that they may soon be able to watch a new series in Pine Valley. Some have declared the ad “the best news ever” and “very exciting”.

However, others said they would only be interested in adjusting the show if the new show brought back the familiar faces from the original soap, like Debbie Morgan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cornelius Smith Jr., and of course Susan Lucci.

“It doesn’t look interesting without the original cast. Just dealing with the name,” one person chirp In response to the deadline report.

Another wrote: “We need a fair amount of original actors for this or we need to leave it as it is.”

Susan Lucci said she is open to restarting All My Children

Susan Lucci in all of my children
Walt Willie (Jackson) and Susan Lucci (Erica) in all of my children| ABC / Carol Kylson

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talking about all of my children Restart has been hovering for some time. Series star Lucci – who played Erica Kane on the show for the full four decades – has indicated that she will be open to revisiting her infamous character.

She said to the Yahoo! “There is some talk about a way to do this.” In 2019. “We’ll see. I mean, we don’t know.”

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Lucci also admitted that she felt “a lot of anger” when she learned all of my children Canceled and replaced with And chewing Because it costs “40% less production”.

“It was really a period of mourning because we went through all of those stages – anger, denial, sadness, and losing each other,” she said.

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