False Start destroys TT for Bo Bendsneyder

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Assen’s TT was a disappointment to Bo Bendsneyder. The 22-year-old Rotterdamer got off to a false start, sending him far back and eventually crossing the finish line in 15th.

Bendsneyder started racing in Moto2 from P13 and quickly got into the top ten, but he did so illegally. The race management decided to impose a “long double penalty” on him. This meant that Bendsneyder had to cover extra meters off the track, which meant he would lose ground anyway.

As a result, Bendsneyder slipped so far that he ended up outside the top 20. At the lowest point, he briefly finished in 24th place, while his goal was to finish in the top ten.

In the second part of the race, Bendsneyder managed to reduce the damage somewhat. He was able to rise in several positions and was marked for 15th place, so he was able to score a point in the World Cup.


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The TT race also ended in disappointment for the Drenthe RW race. Hafiz Seherin from Malaysia and Belgium’s Barry Baltos both finished the race, but finished second to last (23) and last (24) respectively.

The Spanish Moto2 race was won by Raul Fernandez, followed by Australian Remy Gardner and Spain’s Augusto Fernandez.

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