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A science fiction movie directed by George Clooney from Netflix Midnight sky It looks like a real movie but it isn’t. The worst thing about a fake movie is that it leaves you cold.

Fake news Not really right with us; We prefer to say “fake news,” although we often leave the term untranslated. The latter also appeals to me because then you can say: Fake movie In the sense of a movie that looks original, but is actually so much conceived, so manipulative and constructed, you barely realize you’re deluded: Watch the expensive sci-fi movie directed by George Clooney from Netflix Midnight sky.

You can fool me more easily than most people. When I hear that we are in 2049 and the Earth is crumbling, to the point where entire colonies have to be shot in space for the survival of the human race, I am already sitting with my mouth open. When I see George, too, a lonely bearded and critically ill, at the last space observatory in the Arctic Circle, I am completely in shock. But there’s more: George long ago discovered a distant planet where human life could be, after which a spacecraft was launched on an expedition. This ship is now on its way back. This is catastrophic, because the land is uninhabitable. So George must warn the ship: Turn around!

This is a movie called “Misinformation.” This is bad. The special effects It costs a lot of money. But what is the point if the story is empty, if there are many points that are not close to correction, and if you are asked to spoil your emotions in every frame, and now? Fake movie or “fake movie” does just that.

I wonder if there’s anything else going on here. This is 2020, and we are at risk. The end of the world hangs over life like a shadow. The pandemic, the crisis in the United States, the climate problem. Then it is also Christmas, which we may or may not celebrate as usual. Midnight sky Responds to our feelings. This is not rejected. This is exactly what popular cinema has been doing for many years. Alfred Hitchcock, for example, once said that he envisions the type of film in which a director can control a viewer’s emotions with such precision that it is like turning a series of knobs.

It seems as though director George has such buttons at his disposal while making it Midnight sky – Then he didn’t know what to do with it.

George finds an almost eight-year-old girl, whom the leaving colonies have left. And George and the girl must make a gruesome trip to another call center to warn the returning spaceship. Everything goes bad; You can fill this up on your own (dangerous dogs or something, and of course snow, wind, and low temperatures). George is falling into the ice and nearly drowning, but you know he’s not actually going to drown. George and the baby must keep walking. They do not wear snow goggles. They wear thin jackets. You cannot survive, even if you make me naive. I saw the movie the night before this was written, and I can’t remember now how the story ends.

The worst thing about a fake movie is that it leaves you cold. This is bitter, given this time when everything affects us, from the care staff to the teen who is crying because he can’t party. But when I see a sick George with that girl, I don’t feel anything. Maybe I’m hypersensitive, maybe the feeling has become so important that the fake feeling – the director asks you to feel it – is simply too word pervert.

On board that ship, they watch Stanley Kramer’s horrific classic on the beach (1959). This is a lovely sight. It’s almost as if the game makers – to be fair, George was not alone in control) – craving their own story with this one, but in real form. So you see: You really can’t fake it.

Midnight sky It can be watched on Netflix starting December 23

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