Facebook scammers offer cheap iPhones and stay away from the deposit


Police arrested two suspects, Amit R. (29) and Raphael M. The 22-year-old from the office of Lyding 9A and Neckeri on Friday 15 October and Tuesday 19 October respectively. Both young men are accused of fraud and embezzlement.

Through social media, iPhones were offered for sale under the name JARAM. Interested parties had to make a down payment first. After making the deposit, the providers never heard of them again.

After their arrest, both suspects were handed over to the Fraud Department, which is responsible for further investigation into the case. After consulting with the Public Prosecution Office, Amrit and Raphael were arrested. It is suspected that these two individuals may have caused many victims in this way.

Therefore, the affected parties are required to contact the fraud department after all to file a report. This department is located in the Geyersvlijt Police Station and can be reached at the phone numbers 455830 or 451313.

The police are once again making an urgent appeal to the community not to be deceived by people offering cheap items for sale via social media with a fake name or Facebook profile.

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