Facebook removes deep-fake video of Ukrainian President Zelensky

Facebook removes deep-fake video of Ukrainian President Zelensky

Facebook’s parent company Meta has removed the fake video of President Volodymyr Zelensky after Britain’s Sky News pointed out the apparent flaws in the video. For example, Zelenski’s head is very large in relation to the body, and the lighting varies between the face and the body, and both are at different angles. His voice is deeper than usual.

In the fake video, Zelensky says things he never said. For example, the fake Zelensky called on Ukrainians to “lay down their arms.” The video was first broadcast on Ukrainian news site TV24 after an alleged hack. Facebook also sees this hacked site as the source of the video.

Facebook removed the video

“Earlier today, our teams identified and removed a deep fake video of President Zelensky making statements he never made,” the Meta Security Chief wrote. Nathaniel Glaisher on Twitter† “The video appeared on a website that was allegedly hacked and then appeared all over the Internet.”

If companies like Meta delete a video, it is impossible to share the video again. The AI ​​automatically blocks videos that look the same or too similar.

Deepfake warnings

The Ukrainian government warned its soldiers earlier this month against fake videos, especially if those clips contain Russian surrenders. Ukraine has already speculated that Russia might use deep-fake technology to deceive or confuse Ukrainian soldiers.

Facebook already banned fake videos in 2020, ahead of the US presidential election. Experts have been warning about videos for years. Creating compelling deepfake videos just got easier.

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