Facebook Messenger wants to make refunds easier with the new app

Facebook Messenger wil terugbetalen makkelijker maken met nieuwe applicatie

If it was up to Facebook, it would soon be ending with refunds via QR codes. Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, among others, is now working on an app built into Facebook Messenger. With this you can ask your friends to pay you back, or easily return their money to your friends. The company is currently testing the new app on a large beta audience in the United States. It is not yet certain if and when the order will come to Belgium.

You know, you share one bill and then have to generate seven different QR codes to get everyone to pay. Maybe it will be over soon split payments (Co-Payments). This new app is currently being tested by Meta and may soon be released worldwide. With this in-app option, you can request a refund directly in a group chat or in a private chat.

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from split payments It will be tested for the first time this week by US users of the Messenger app. It remains to be seen if it will be available here in Belgium quickly. However, it would be welcome, because there are still plenty of restaurants that do not accept separate bills. As a result, refunding friends is often a big task. Various QR codes, full account numbers must be copied, sample sentence “You pay this, then I’ll pay it later”,…. This may not be necessary soon.

in a split payments You can keep complete invoices, send payment requests to each other, you can let the app calculate how much you need per person and you can adjust the amounts for each person yourself. In the end, you will also see who has already paid and who still owes you money. Perfect way to update your bookkeeping.

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Below you can see how split payments It works exactly:

Source: Facebook

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