F1 power ratings: Max Verstappen has to contend with Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

F1 Power Rankings: Verstappen moet Vettel en Hamilton voor zich dulden

The F1 power ratings for the US Grand Prix are well known. Max Verstappen managed the victory in America after a catch-up race and according to the jury gave him an 8.8, which puts him behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

At the end of each Grand Prix, Formula 1 asks a five-member jury to rate each driver a score between zero and ten. This is then averaged for each driver and that becomes the final driver rating for that week. In the overall ranking, all the ratings are added together. Then the total number of points makes up the power ranking for that driver. The ten drivers with the highest total scores compete in the ranking.

Vettel and Hamilton share the lead

Not only was Vettel given the Driver of the Day title by fans for his performance, the jury also believed the four-time champion had overtaken and gave him a 9.2 for the race in Austin. The German managed to overcome all the problems and was even in the lead for a while. An interesting stopping point knocked him out of the top ten, but he eventually finished seventh. Hamilton started from third and was on the way to victory for so long that Verstappen passed six laps before he dropped the flag. The Briton fell to second place and also got a 9.2 for his performance. Verstappen has to settle for 8.8 for a race in which he was comfortable in the lead, lost the lead due to a slow stop and then won. Full overview:

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