F1 journalist criticizes FIA: “What has changed since Massi’s departure?”

F1 journalist criticizes FIA: "What has changed since Massi's departure?"

Formula 1 journalist Chris Midland believes little has changed since the forced departure of Michael Massey. The Briton is of the opinion that race management still operates inconsistently and does not follow the rules. And that’s while, according to the FIA, that was exactly the reason for Massey’s departure.

Midland addresses race management’s decision to penalize Fernando Alonso after the US Grand Prix. The Spaniard finished the race with mirror after mirror, which the FIA ​​said was unsafe. Unlike Alonso, Sergio Perez has not been punished for continuing to be hanged end plate On the right side of its front wing.

The latter is something Haas, Kevin Magnussen to be exact, has been called up to several times before the race. Such a suspended part would be unsafe, but in Austin, race management doesn’t seem to think so. This surprises Midland. Haas protested because he believes that race management is inconsistent and does not follow the rules Motorsports Magazine.

Haas protests Alpine and Alpine protests from FIA

Haas has protested the fact that Alonso and Perez were allowed to continue driving without any interference from race management. Alonso is punished, but Albine does not accept it. “The Alps are protesting because they believe that race management is inconsistent and does not follow the rules. Last December, Massey lost his job for being inconsistent and not following the rules,” continues Midland.

The British Formula 1 journalist does not think things have improved much since the departure of the former Australian racing director. He was replaced by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas, but the latter will not be used by the FIA ​​after the chaos in Japan. “It’s on a completely different scale (compared to what Massey, editor) did, but again, what has changed?” Midland wonders out loud.

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