F1 in brief | Verstappen appointed officer of the Orange-Nassau

F1 in brief |  Verstappen appointed officer of the Orange-Nassau

In the department F1 in short He carries F1Maximum.nl I have reported the latest news from Royal Motorsports class which does not qualify for widespread mention, but is of course relevant to reference on the website.

Verstappen appointed officer of the Orange-Nassau

The Grand Prix weekend started off well for Max Verstappen. The Red Bull Racing driver was named Officer of the Orange-Nassau Medal on Thursday morning. The title of officer of the rank of Orange Nassau is the fourth degree in the ranking. Persons appointed as officials have a national or international reputation with special merits.

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The Formula 1 VT2 Grands Prix runs in Japan and the United States

Formula 1 drivers will drive half an hour longer in Japan and the US during the second free practice, according to reports Motorsport.com. Riders will be testing Pirelli rubber before 2023. With sessions extended by half an hour, Mario Isola believes teams don’t have to change their schedule entirely. Should it rain during one of the two free training sessions, the second free training session in Mexico will be a tire test.

Jos Verstappen is honored with his son’s initiative: ‘Great that he’s thinking about it’

Max Verstappen will be riding a special helmet this weekend. The helmet is an ode to dad Jos Verstappen and a proud former Formula 1 driver. “I think it’s a very nice initiative and a very nice gesture from Max,” says senior Verstappen telegraph. “It’s great that he thinks about it and what he says about it. Of course I don’t have to, because I deal with my son every day and I know how he stands, but now he also shows it that way.

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Verstappen thinks about the future: “There is no other role than a driver in Formula 1”

Max Verstappen is a big fan of racing and therefore sometimes drives a Porsche GT3 on a European circuit. The Red Bull driver also loves to drive a virtual race at home in his simulator every now and then and is also a sponsor of the Redline team. Sim racing is becoming more and more professional. You also have to pay the drivers. So you start looking for sponsorship. We’ve already made great deals with BMW and Porsche, among others, who know I’m deeply involved,” says Verstappen. Telegraph.

The Dutchman is also thinking about his future: “In Formula 1, I see no role for me other than as a driver. But in the future, I would like to build my own kart circuit, and maybe drive long-distance races, even if I’m still active in Formula 1.

The Netherlands Grand Prix Trophy has been revealed

The Grand Prix Cup in Zandvoort was shown to the world for the first time. The design for the 2022 edition of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands is completely new and was created by contemporary artist Pablo Locker. He was asked by main sponsor Heineken to design the trophy. Pablo Locker is best known for his “visual dream writing”. The visuals and sounds of the race in Zandvoort and the energy the fans bring to the track have inspired me. The unique artwork embodies the adrenaline, joy and excitement that explodes in the party crowd,” says Pablo.

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Otto Esser, Marketing Director of Heineken: “Lücker’s art is fun, fresh and modern. It tells a story with its style and attracts new generations, and that’s what we’ve been looking for from Heineken. I think it worked really well. Lücker’s art is also reflected on the winner’s platform and along the path.” There is also a racing helmet in the same style.This auction will be sold for a good cause, with the autographs of the drivers.

Dutch Grand Prix Cup

Footballer Kevin De Bruyne learns from champion Verstappen: ‘The best in his sport’

Kevin De Bruyne, a Belgian footballer with Manchester City, was present at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps last weekend. There he actually took a picture with Max Verstappen and they also exchanged T-shirts. The footballer also praised the Dutchman: “You can always learn something from others. It’s just what he is. He’s a champion and better at his sport,” said De Bruyne. picture.

Windsor believes the technical guidance will hurt Ferrari more than Red Bull

Peter Windsor believes Ferrari has been hit hard by the FIA’s technical guidance… camping From Red Bull Racing. This tells the F1 journalist in his country YouTube channel. “I say that because in theory they should have a higher ride height and make everything a little bit stiffer. As a result, they probably have less downforce and so the car moved more around the tires and caused more heat. It wasn’t a problem at all for Reed. Paul or Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez.

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