F1 does not plan to include sprint race in a fixed GP format

F1 does not plan to include sprint race in a fixed GP format

On Thursday of the United States Grand Prix, the results of a global F1 fan poll organized by Motorsport Network and Nielsen Sports were presented. The survey also asked about sprint races, which Formula 1 is testing for the first time this year. A short race was held for the first time on Saturday at Silverstone and Monza, followed by a third try in Brazil later in the season. Next year, Formula 1 wants to include about six sprint races on the calendar.

2021 Global Fan Poll Results:

However, fans are not convinced. The survey found that only 7 percent think sprints improve supply. At least 60 percent don’t want to use this new format every GP. Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali’s reaction to the results: “The numbers tell us.” “We are seeing mixed reactions from the more traditional fans, who are less happy with the change. On the other hand, the new fans are very happy to see the change. So, based on the research, we are not even considering offering a different format for all the Grand Prix races. We think we can organize A fixed number, which will be around six sprint races. We are working with the teams to make changes to improve quality.”

Formula 1 will test the sprint setup on weekends in the winter months. A sprint may become a standalone event that will not affect the Grand Prix grid.

There is no inverse network in formula 1

Another concept that fans have been upset about is mirrored networks. At least 68% of respondents see nothing in a concept where the fastest man in qualifying should start from behind. Domenicali admits that there is little interest in such a concept: “This is also not part of the conversations we have. The result is telling. We have to find the appropriate compromises.”

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You can read the full results of our 2021 F1 fan survey here.

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