Experts criticize the facilitation: The logic of this strategy escapes me

Experts criticize the facilitation: The logic of this strategy escapes me

Immunologist Dimitri Diavatopoulos of Radbodomics believes that relaxation is primarily a political consideration. The benefits of the new rules are now believed to outweigh the potential additional risks they create. “It is not necessarily feasible or desirable to eliminate all risks completely, but they should be acceptable. This is not certain.”

Baguei fears the most vulnerable will suffer from easing. “Integrated circuits are filled with people from disadvantaged neighborhoods with every wave of Coronavirus. I find press conferences difficult to follow, let alone these groups. The government has done nothing essential to better reach this target group, for example, commercials in different languages.”

School is important

LUMC’s epidemiologist Fritz Roosendaal also describes relaxation as dangerous. “It seems that the pollution numbers are going up a little bit, so there is no likelihood of a decline,” he says. On the other hand, he says, the infection numbers are much lower than they were a month ago. “Especially attending school is very important.” He believes this explains why the government took this risk. “However, some of this could be reversed.”

Immunologist Diavatopoulos believes solutions are necessary to “make it last.” The biggest problem the government faces, he says, is that it may need to tighten again after easing.

“In any case, it is important to continue to monitor closely in the coming weeks how the situation is developing in terms of infection, hospitalization and vaccination coverage,” he says. Because the faster the exposed groups receive a dose, the faster the hospital and ICU will be. Acceptances and deaths are declining. “

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Be really honest about complaints

Epidemiologist Tostman says that in communication professions, it is especially important that the rules be fully complied with. “Above all, it should be as safe as possible. That means being really honest about complaints, even if you can finally go to the hairdresser again months later. Not those crazy screens on your chin.”

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