Exclusive! Mob’s Big Hit: Eliminate Bosses

Exclusive!  Mob's Big Hit: Eliminate Bosses

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“It went well, it was done well,” said Gravano, adding that he was not surprised how successful the strike was given “I had planned it.”

Not much. He said, “Had I been so surprised, I would not have allowed that to happen at all.”

Gravano admitted that at that time he was ready for violent fallout. After all, Castellano was America’s most powerful gangster, the boss of the bosses.

“I thought there would be a war that would last 10 years and that many, many people would be killed in that war,” he said from Arizona. “It was very outrageous, the blow, shook the entire mafia. Everyone was petrified of us.”

The man known as Sammy The Bull says he is now not looking for any benefit from assassination, money or power. It was all about getting back some of Cosa Nostra’s lost luster.

Gravano believes that Teflon Don John Gotti has caused more damage to the mafia than an army of excrement pigeons. Get pictures Get pictures

“I wanted to get it right again. If that means saving Gotti and Ruggerio, then so be it.

Now, 35 years later, Gravano thinks the hit was a “huge mistake.” The assassination “hurt the family, hurt the Cosa Nostra” and “we broke one of the golden rules about killing a president.”

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And historians of the mob and Gravano consider the era of John Gotti a disaster.

“John … the way he acts hurts the mafia. Dressed like this, he acts like that. It wasn’t what we wanted … it ended up being a huge mistake,” he admits.

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“But I’m the last dinosaur that lives to tell the story. I’m the man who created it and I’m still here.”

Sammy The Bull podcast began on December 16 – the 35th anniversary of Castellano’s freak. It will be available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

He can also be followed on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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