Exceed your limits during the Musical Campus 3303

Exceed your limits during the Musical Campus 3303

For a few years now, graduate music and theater students have had the opportunity to pursue advanced training at a high level. In Silvaplana in Switzerland, they can work on their career during Musical Campus 3303. The peak of Corvatsch’s house mountain reaches a height of 3303 meters in the sky, and the height gives the name of the campus. And young talents, whose individual goal is set by the musical campus of music, also want to raise their bar. All candidates must be graduates and/or have a few years of work experience. They register and are then selected via films and biographies. Last night ended with a festive evening in the arena with an amazing 6-piece band.

Advanced Lessons for Musical Artists

In addition to in-depth specialized education in acting, singing and interpretation, the six-day course for musicians includes a support program with specialized lectures. The aim of the course is to deepen talents in the field of singing and acting and an active exchange with experts. The highlight of Campus Week is the open-air concert “Les dal Güglia” at Plazza dal Güglia, where participants, accompanied by a live band, present the songs they have worked on to the audience. The music campus is the only one of its kind in the German-speaking region.

Targeted promotion of artists, especially at the beginning of their careers, is critical. That’s why the Musical Campus focuses on young, up-and-coming artists who are still in their infancy after their musical studies. The partner of the 3303 Musical Campus is the St. Gallen Theatre. As the only music producer in Switzerland (Wüstenblume, Matterhorn, Artus – Excalibur and many more), theater can guarantee contact with practice and has an excellent network and professional knowledge. This way it can support the music campus in the long run.

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Besides the fact that all the important bandleaders from Vienna and Hamburg teach, there is also a team of Dutch teachers. Edward Hubelmann, Catherine Verheiden and Ingrid Zegers (Way of Singing) are three singing teachers who usually teach at Fontys.

A Way of Singing source is Edward Hubelman. His experience as a singer and the fate of his vocal cord spasms made him search for solutions within the current vocal techniques. He has devoted himself with complete dedication and passion for teaching, which has resulted in a unique vision and method for developing the vocal potential of singers. The singer’s intuition and firm belief in the unique sound of each voice has led each singer to know and rely on his instruments. He is always curious to learn and develop a voice. Edward and his team inspire and motivate the singer to find depth and bring his or her voice to life.

Photographs: Edward Hubelman

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