Ex Max Ehrich of Demi Lovato accused of organizing a picnic on Sulky Beach for the sake of the press


The former “Under the Dome” star has been dubbed “attention seeker” and “awkward” after he was caught in the paparazzi camera sweeping on the beach where he supposedly suggested to the “Anyone” singer.

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Max Erich He receives more hate rather than sympathy as he continues to express his sadness over the end of his relationship with him Demi Lovato. The actor has been criticized for allegedly having seen his last moody beaches to the press.

During the weekend,American princess“A star is seen visiting a beach in Malibu, which is believed to be the same beach where he posed the question to Demi a few months ago. In a video that TMZ got, he was sitting alone on the beach with his head buried in his home. Once, he took off his blue hat while continuing in despair.

But a lot of people didn’t buy that Max was really down in the video. Accusing the actor of planning this and inviting the paparazzi to take the video, someone called out to him, “Are you feeling sad? Sure. Understood. Summon points and pay for your capture for the tour?

Another person who questioned Max’s grim feeling wrote on Twitter, “Oh please. Who would buy this nonsense? Like this interest seeker.” A third person agreed, adding, “Exactly. His behavior is so weird and psychotic. It’s scary.”

“ddlovato, you really dodged a bullet with this one !!!” Another knocked, while another person worried about Demi’s safety, “reminds me of the movie no one will tell me. It’s a scary king and she needs to stay safe.”

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Another accused Max of acting: “He milks this – what an academic award worth performing.” Likewise, another indicated that in his last personal conversation VideoMax looked in a different mood, “but he was laughing and running ice cream next to him Selena Gomez Last night literally “someone else said,” Isn’t he embarrassed? This is very embarrassing. ”

However, there were a few who defended Max, with one of them applauding the critic, “It’s just embarrassing because he’s being watched … These are normal humans.” Another responded to the backlash, “Why? Does the man not allow you to disturb the person who wants to spend his life with the division?”

Meanwhile, another person suggested that Max get professional help for his mental health. The user commented positively: “This man needs counseling. Cheer up, man. This world is full of surprises that you do not know who you will meet tomorrow.”

Before seeing the beach, Max pleaded with Demi’s fans to stop bullying him. He told TMZ, “We are both anti-bullying, so people should stop bullying.” “What people think – has nothing to do with anything.”

He was referring to allegations that Demi broke up with him because he took advantage of her fame. He described the rumors as “ridiculous” and said, “People should not believe what they read.”

He also asked everyone to leave them alone, because he plans to “let it do so.” he added, “[We have to] Do whatever is healthier and safer for both of us. ”