European Gambling Market

The gambling market in Europe has increased by 7.5% in 2021. This is reported by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA). That organization, in collaboration with H2 Gambling Capital, has prepared an end-of-year report on the European gambling market. The gambling proceeds amounted to an amount of €87.2 billion.

This growth is mainly due to the non GamStop casino market, which has grown by 19%. The current growth figures combined (offline and online) are lower than a year ago.

This relatively lower figure has to do with the outbreak of the corona pandemic. In 2019 the percentage was 13% higher than this year. The offshore gambling market, in turn, accounted for total revenue of €36.4 billion.

The rise in the online non GamStop gambling market contrasts with the significant decline experienced by land-based casinos and arcades in 2020 and 2021.

Revenues from the physical gambling market decreased by 32% compared to 2019.

It is expected that the online gambling market will continue to grow in the coming years and will increase annually by about 9%. Experts expect a peak of 41% in 2026.

Another trend noted in the report is the growth of online gambling from a mobile device.

In recent years, the number of players active from a mobile device has been growing steadily, although the peak has not yet been reached. By 2021, more than half of all people who played online were gambling from a smartphone.

That’s the first time because never before have there been more mobile gamblers than people gambling from a desktop. The percentage of mobile players in Europe is expected to be 61.5% by 2026.

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Maarten Haijer, Secretary-General at the EGBA, said in a press release about the investigation: “There is a growing trend of mobile gambling among European online players. However, there is still plenty of room for online game providers in the European gambling markets. This is especially true in countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. These are countries where the number of online gamblers is still relatively low, despite the fact that online gambling has been possible in those countries for a long time”,

What are the forecasts on the non GamStop market for the coming years?

For many experts, it is unlikely that the popularity of online gambling in Europe will decline but will expand. There are many factors that support this view including legislative openness in European countries to virtual gambling including the Netherlands and Germany, sponsorship contracts that sports betting providers have with clubs and sports federations, support for virtual and augmented reality technologies, and the introduction of more games and options betting for users. In general, outside of the GamStop, offshore gambling sites are driving this openness and offering their customers an unparalleled range of options and games.

In the next section, we take a look at the most important trends in the European gambling industry over the coming years. The demand for European gamblers on the App Store and Google Play will rise According to many analysts, the total revenue of the App Store will reach $12.6 billion in Europe over the next three years, with a large portion of that revenue coming from gaming and gambling apps. On the other hand, Google Play Store is expected to generate $10.9 billion in profit in 2022, which is a 109% increase over 2019. Although most gambling sites prefer to offer a web-based platform to smartphone and tablet users, we believe that this trend will change soon as more players rely on downloading casino apps.

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The number of gambling app downloads is expected to grow to 29.6 billion in 2022, an increase of 22.7% over last year. Great Britain and Germany are leading the way. It is understandable to see Britain at the forefront of countries interested in gambling, however, it was surprising to us like many to see Germany at the forefront after decades of outlawing and outlawing online gambling. The size of the Great Britain market will reach $4.1 billion in 2022, which is an increase of 91.6% over 2019. As for Germany, it will come in second place in terms of revenue, which amounts to approximately $3.7 billion in user spending in the year 2022. In other words, the German market will grow by 78% over 2019.

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