“Euphoria” star Lucas Gage smartly claps the manager insulting his apartment

"Euphoria" star Lucas Gage smartly claps the manager insulting his apartment

An unnamed director appears to insult the actor, who plays Tyler in the hit HBO series, during an audition for Zoom, although the 25-year-old stares back at him with experience.

Ice Showbiz One might need to know proper Zoom manners in this new era where almost everything is done. It appears that one of the managers insulted. “EcstasyA star Lucas CageDuring the Zoom test, though, the 25-year-old expertly clapped on him.

With the move to his Twitter account, Lukas shared a section From the aforementioned test. The actor, who plays Tyler in the hit HBO series, can be seen preparing for his hypothetical audition when the director made a harsh third-person comment on Zoom.

The director, who was not named, apparently forgot to mute his microphone, said, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. It’s as if I was looking at his background and he has his TV, you know…” Comments he hadn’t heard before Lucas answered quickly and smartly, “It’s an apartment ****. Give me this job so I can have a better job.”

He immediately expressed his remorse, saying he was “extremely sorry” and “insulted” by the comment. Lukas played it cool and told him it could help him improve his living situation by hiring him.

However, that didn’t stop him from posting to Twitter. Writing in the caption for his Blue Bird post, Lukas shared tips for “the talking” directors. “psa if you are a ** modern manager make sure to mute your mtgings on the zoom,” he said.

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Fans quickly rallied behind the actor as one of them said, “I don’t understand how people can talk about other people’s living conditions. Weren’t they in a similar situation before? They’ve only lived in a wealthy house all their lives or something?” Meanwhile, Someone asked Lukas to drop the director’s name.

“The strange thing is that you really can’t tell anything about your apartment from this view. It looks great to me. It is possible that you live in a luxurious penthouse apartment and you happen to put yourself and the camera near your TV. What is the outlet to complain about?” Another user’s opinion.

While Lukas didn’t reveal the trend’s identity, a fan suggested it wasKingsman: The Secret Service“Director Matthew Vaughn. A fan claimed on Instagram,” I’m sure the director talking about him on Zoom is Matthew Vaughn. I heard him speak many times and Jan Jones Confirm this. However, others said it wasn’t a fu.

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