EP review: Waxflower – We might be fine // Smash Press

EP review: Waxflower - We might be fine // Smash Press

Written by Joy Reijenga.

Waxflower Surprises In “We May Be Fine”

Australian band Waxflower has already shown its face. These guys shared the stage with contemporary pop punk icons like Stand Atlantic, Between You & Me, and more. If you get these kinds of opportunities as a young punk pop, you have to be super strong in your shoes. So the new Waxflower program does the job “We might be fine” Up to hype?

Please do not be late for the first thirty seconds of opening the track a second“. The vocal melody with which this song starts is quite corny. Throw that intro from the window, because this bug was canceled out by the rest of the song. The calls accumulate to you and it will take you instantly. An incredibly tasty hook can be heard in the build. Everything takes a step back in the first clip and warms you to the choir. The tape is set in production at par. Despite the huge variety of songs and musical instruments, there is still a place for everything. Producer Stevie Knight had the tools to turn it into something cool and he definitely did! Feature Eat your heart outCaitlin Henry also comes at the bridge. Frontman Tristan Higginson simply sings a nice game here with Henry. It’s refreshing to see that not only are the feature three short sentences, but her voice is also woven into the song with choruses and another supporting vocals.

It appears occasionally Wax flower Much like gangs Deep neckAnd the Atlantic Stand On WSTR. Prove yet Food for your garden On Fake frown The group is really more than just another pop punk group. On Fake frown The rhythm section comes out nicely. The aforementioned singing and bass frontman Higginson Bang with drummer Daniel Seymour on this really cool track. The full production is not annoying at all and it is awesome. Basically because the guitars’ instruments are well thought out and not played. Food for your garden More clear and that actually makes the song better. A subtle balance between the innovator and the anticipator leads to intense recognition of the audio hooks. While singing, don’t forget to listen to multiple guitars with creative melodies that make the song stronger.

“Not alone” Pop punk is your favorite way. Guitar parts with just the right amount of palm suppression, small nose vocals, and joyful chord progressions. Wax flower He brings this song home with really good songwriting. While listening to this track, you can almost imagine that you are in Australia. The band knows how to create relaxing vibes. Sometimes it can be difficult not to dream far away. Especially with this track, because it has such a good flow.

Feelings of nostalgia pass through the adventures I had in years Wax flower Retrieved from you on slot number ‘We might be fine. Boys aren’t averse to using a little cliché, but they know how to purr in a way that isn’t stressful or upsetting. As pop punk returns to the mainstream, we’re bound to see more of it Wax flowerAnd EP “We might be fineThis is proof that it will be a sight!

Rating: 8.5 / 10
Release date: April 16, 2021
a poster: Slut Chronicles

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