Enschedeër Danny is Mister Gay Netherlands 2021: “I want to provide information in schools”

Enschedeër Danny is Mister Gay Netherlands 2021: "I want to provide information in schools"

Nice face, good body and kind figure: just some of the criteria a gay man has to meet to become Mister Gay Netherlands 2021. Danny Moyes from his song Meets the Big Picture and continues the title. We talked to him about his participation in the elections.

29-year-old Danny is no stranger to us. We spoke to him when he was in the final match of the Mister International elections in the Netherlands in 2019. Unfortunately, that title has passed him. Although his participation brought him a lot. Danny: “I’m on the Farmer’s Calendar, on the Alpaca and Block Calendar, I play the Django Wagner clip and I’m still doing a lot of photography. I took part in that competition to get some pretty pictures of myself, but it’s now a hobby that’s out of control.”

Suitable filter

Mister Gay Netherlands election organizers caught a glimpse of Danny’s Instagram account and saw him as a suitable candidate for the gay election. “I had to think about it for a moment. I get a lot of messages with requests and I want to know who I will work with.” When Danny decided to do so, things went quickly. “After a few conversations I was told that I am Mister Jay-Holland 2021.”

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Breaking taboos in schools

What criteria must Mister Jay meet? “Of course you have to have a good body and a nice head. But a good image and motivation are also important. Just like spontaneity. You have to do something for society.” What do the residents of his song to the community? “As a person like me, I want to give information in schools. Homosexuality is still a taboo among young people. With a scarf you have the opportunity to draw attention to that.”

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A carefree childhood

Danny himself had little trouble with unpleasant reactions to his sexuality. My family and friends kiss me. They always have. My parents are very humble about it. Very logical. My siblings don’t have to declare that they love girls, do they? “

To South Africa

Coronavirus permitting, Danny will travel to South Africa this year to represent the Netherlands during the final match of the Mister Gay World 2021 elections. There he competes against men from all over the world. “I think it’s exciting. You’re in another country with people you don’t know very well. But that will be fine. I’ll be fine.”

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