Energy storage milestone in Europe: giant Swiss ‘water battery’ startup

Energy storage milestone in Europe: giant Swiss 'water battery' startup

The amazing hydroelectric power station, built deep in the Alps in the south of Swiss Valais, has been in operation since last summer. The facility has a production capacity equivalent to 400,000 electric car batteries. “Nantes de Drance” It should eventually be able to supply electricity to 900,000 households.

Why is this important?

For the green transition to succeed, Europe needs 200 gigawatts of energy storage capacity by 2030, according to estimates. European Energy Storage Association (facilitate). This is more than four times the current capacity.

How it works? News websites reported that the energy at the Nantes-de-Drance power station is stored using two water tanks at different heights. euronews And the Electric.

  • “When there is a lot of electricity in the grid, for example from solar or wind power, Nant de Drance pumps water from the lower tank to the upper tank. Electricity is consumed in the process,” says Aline Elzingre-Pittet, of the company who – that

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