Employees who work from home are prohibited from smoking in their offices

Employees who work from home are prohibited from smoking in their offices

MA survey shows that more than half of the people who live in townships and university cities fear that returning students will lead to coronavirus mutations and restrictions in their area.

Tens of thousands of students are set to return to campus in the coming days, and earlier this month government scientific advisers warned that it was “very likely” that there would be a major university-related outbreak of the Coronavirus.

A new poll now shows that 57% of people fear local restrictions, and nearly half (48%) have indicated that they will blame the government.

The Survation survey, conducted for the Association of Universities and Colleges (UCU), showed that half of respondents believed that universities should cancel all face-to-face teaching processes, with 57% expressing distrust of local testing and tracking systems to control the outbreak. .

University of California Secretary-General Joe Grady said that online learning should be the default, and the government and universities “should stop selling lies to students that they can have a full university experience in the current crisis.”

She added, “The vice-chancellors are in denial and set up a sanitation scene to pretend the institutions are safe. It cannot be business as usual at the moment and they have to stop pretending that this is a reliable option.”

“People don’t want to see local outbreaks on the doorstep of their homes.

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