Ellen DeGeneres pauses with talk show after 19 seasons: Don’t Challenge Me Anymore

Ellen DeGeneres pauses with talk show after 19 seasons: Don't Challenge Me Anymore

Ellen DeGeneres will stop with her popularity next year The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After nineteen seasons and more than 3,000 broadcasts, the American talk show host is over. DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter, “When you’re creative, you always have to be challenged. As fun as this is, it no longer challenges me.”

The presenter said he wanted to quit after season 16, but producer Warner Bros. asked DeGeneres to stay for at least four years. “I suggested that I do another year, but that wasn’t contractually possible,” she told the American Entertainment website. “So we ended up with three years. That was always the plan.”

“Mom’s work atmosphere”

In the past year, DeGeneres has come under fire for systematic racism, intimidation, and a “sick atmosphere” behind the scenes of her show. Several producers were fired and the talk show host apologized.

DeGeneres now says that period had a huge impact on her show, but that has nothing to do with the end of her show. “It was very painful for me,” she says. “It broke my heart when I heard that people were injured.” “But if the uproar was the reason for leaving the show, I would have left earlier.”


She says she learned from the events. “Now I make sure people know that if there is anything, they can come to me. I don’t know why it wasn’t like that before, I’m not scary. It’s easy to talk to and I want these people to talk, believe me.”

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In January of last year, Dutch YouTube coach NikkieTutorials was a guest on DeGeneres talk show to talk about her announcement that she is transgender. After that, I also looked at the performance with a little fun. DeGeneres hadn’t previously imagined this.

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